Why us

1. Fields of Focus

We invest in medical devices and medical technology.

2. Investment Strategy

Stages of investment: We typically invest in startups from seed round to Series A.

Investment amount: Each investment is typically between $500K-$1.5M.

Joint investment:  It is preferred that a well-known strategic or an experienced fund in the relevant field of the startup will lead the investment.

Co-investment principle: If the financing needs exceed our investment limit, we will cooperate with our fund’s LP or a cooperative fund to invest at a larger ticket size.


Telesair is a company expert at the manufacture of ventilators. It creates Teleair AHF (automatic high flow) system to realize fully automatic FiO2 control and aseptic design to create ventilators that can be used in both hospitals and families at low cost.

The world’s leading adult spinal deformity correction technology.It uses AI-powered 3D printing technology and results from predictive analysis to customize personalized adult spinal deformity treatments

iDentical is a company dedicated to the research and development of revolutionary dental implants. Different from the “screw”-shaped implants that are implanted in traditional dental implants, its patented technology (in application) can make dental implant models based on the patient’s own tooth roots and then implant them in the alveolar bone. Compared with traditional dental implants, it is safer, shorter period of dental treatment, and more favorable price.

Deepvoxel has developed proprietary AI-powered medical imaging diagnostics technologies. Through its innovative medical imaging recognition technology, Deepvoxel empowers non-invasive early-stage tumor screening, differential diagnosis, adjuvant treatment, and efficacy evaluation to improve tumor diagnosis and treatment.