Why us

1. Fields of Focus

We invest in medical devices and medical technology.

2. Investment Strategy

Stages of investment: We typically invest in startups from seed round to Series A.

Investment amount: Each investment is typically between $500K-$1.5M.

Joint investment:  It is preferred that a well-known strategic or an experienced fund in the relevant field of the startup will lead the investment.

Co-investment principle: If the financing needs exceed our investment limit, we will cooperate with our fund’s LP or a cooperative fund to invest at a larger ticket size.


Leo Cancer Care is developing evolutionary radiotherapy devices through which cancer patients can be scanned/treated in an upright position rather than the traditional “lie on a table” position. The devices can largely lower equipment costs and treatment costs, as well as reducing side effects.

Calsmed developed proprietary corra technology, the first of class technology that uses artificial intelligence and 3D printing technology to customize personalized treatment of adult spinal deformities.

Deep-Voxel developed the first-of-its-kind deep learning algorithms that enables customization of organs-at-risk (OARs) auto-delineation on CT images. The state-of-art technology is significantly enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of radiation therapy planning.

iDENTICAL is revolutionizing tooth replacement with personalized, drill-free dental implants. An iDENTICAL implant doesn’t require any healing time before placement and only need 10-14 days to design, manufacture and ship the implant, compared to the traditional dental implant, which requires 4 months of healing time after the tooth is extracted before the implant can be placed. 

Telesair developed next-generation of respiratory care device that can be used both in clinics and at home. The device is improving patients’ safety, increasing treatment efficacy, and enhancing the ease of use. The impacts of the device have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BaroHawkTM blood pressure management system developed by Perceptive Medical is the world’s first breakthrough technology to solve the inefficient blood pressure d management in the intensive care unit (ICU) and operating room. The product can control blood pressure 95% time in target, greatly reducing incidences of hypotension and hypertension.