Why us

1. Fields of Focus:

We invest in medical devices and medical technology.

2. Investment Strategy

Stages of investment: We typically invest in startups from seed round to Series A.

Investment amount: Each investment is typically between $500K-$1.5M.

Joint investment:  It is preferred that a well-known strategic or an experienced fund in the relevant field of the startup will lead the investment.

Co-investment principle: If the financing needs exceed our investment limit, we will cooperate with our fund’s LP or a cooperative fund to invest at a larger ticket size.

3.  Physician Consultant Team

In order to ensure the quality investments, the we have established a physician working group, which is supported by a well-known physician group in Southern California with nearly 700 well-known medical experts of various professions.

The physician working group will support the fund in four aspects: VOC for due diligence, clinical study support, equipment procurement support and participation in co-investment.

4. Partner Institutions

In order to improve the quality of investments, we collaborate with renowned medical institutions.

Universities: We work with medical schools and medical incubators of various universities, including UC Berkeley’s Medical Technology Center, UC Irvine-based Cove Fund, UCLA’s Technology Development Group, and UC San Diego’s IGE MedTech Accelerator. Through cooperation with these institutions, we have already sourced numerous high-quality investment opportunities.

Professional associations: We work with industry groups focusing on medical technology, such as AdvaMed, MedTech Innovator, and OCTANe, and participate in industry events Through these efforts, we have sourced high-quality investment opportunities from California, Boston and New York.

5.  Collaborating with Other Funds

We have established co-investment partnerships with other professional funds, including Qiming Venture Partners, Cove Fund, Johnson & Johnson’s Industrial Fund and other well-known investment groups in the industry. Our most recent partnership with Cove Fund led to a co-investment in San Diego-based Carlsmed.