Deepvoxel (Irvine, CA)

Founded in 2017, Deepvoxel has developed proprietary AI-powered medical imaging diagnostics technologies. Through its enhanced intelligent whole-body organ delineation process, Deepvoxel is able to greatly improve efficiency of radiotherapy and reduce physician workload . Through its innovative medical imaging recognition technology, Deepvoxel empowers non-invasive early-stage tumor screening, differential diagnosis, adjuvant treatment, and efficacy evaluation to improve tumor diagnosis and treatment.

Company Highlights:

  • World-leading technology: Leveraging proprietary algorithms developed by world-class data scientists, the Deepvoxel team were the first to publish in this field in Machine Intelligence, a professional sub-journal of Nature.
  • City of Hope National Medical Center was the foundational clinical partner in the development of Deepvoxel’s proprietary technology.
  • Currently, nearly 50 physicians in the United States and globally are evaluating Deepvoxel’s innovative technology, with positive feedback thus far.

Status: Investment Completed

CarslMed (La Jolla, CA)

Founded in 2018, CalsMed is developing Corra, the world’s leading adult spinal deformity correction technology. It uses AI-powered 3D printing technology and results from predictive analysis to customize personalized adult spinal deformity treatments. By processing the pathology and matching the anatomy of each patient, the time-consuming trial-and-error adaptation process required by the traditional implant system is eliminated. The model optimizes inventory by focusing on the transplantation needs of each patient, rather than providing a unified interbody fusion cage for all patients. Carlsmed implants can meet numerous requirements, such as personalized stiffness, vertebral height restoration, sagittal plane balance, coronal plane balance, end plate consistency, etc.

Company Highlights:

  • In the orthopedics field, very few use artificial intelligence 3D printing technology and data results obtained from predictive analysis to customize personalized adult spinal deformity treatments.
  • Customized fusion cages have zero inventory and greatly save surgical costs, shortening LOS and reducing rate of surgery, saving $55,400.
  • A multitude of exit opportunities via M&A as Corra can be integrated into the same type of 3D printed orthopedic fusion device technology.

Status: Investment Completed

Yolia (San Diego, CA)

Established in 2004, Yolia Health focuses on advanced technology for the treatment of presbyopia. Its proprietary True Vision Treatment® (TVT) contact lens lenses and eye drops can provide a non-invasive and repeatable treatment for presbyopia patients. The vision correction effect of continuous use for seven days can reach up to 12 months, which greatly improves the quality of life of patients with presbyopia.

Company Highlights:

  • The world’s first non-invasive and reusable presbyopia treatment contact lens. After 7 consecutive days of treatment with TVT eye drops and contact lenses, the patient does not need to wear glasses for an entire year.
  • A comprehensive global patent portfolio.
  • The product is currently commercialized in Mexico and has been used by 600 patients.

Status: Investment in progress (LOI issued with due diligence ongoing)

QT Medical (Diamond Bar, CA)

Founded in 2013, QT Medical has developed an innovative portable, medical-grade 12-lead electrocardiogram technology, QT-ECG. This product is suitable for high-risk patients who have just received coronary artery bypass grafting or percutaneous coronary intervention (i.e., coronary stent) as well as patients with chronic heart failure and arrhythmia for home use.

Company Highlights:

  • QT Medical’s cloud management system will leverage AI to assist in diagnosis; provide a channel for easy communication between family, community doctors and expert physicians; and reduce overall medical burden.
  • Clinical trials have confirmed that the product is equivalent to Philips’ medical-grade ECG.
  • Currently, QT Medical has a partnership with the largest aviation medical service organization (covering 160 airlines and 3000 private jets, and 1300 yacht companies.

 Status: Investment in progress (due diligence ongoing)

Neuroparticle (North Bethesda, MD)

Founded in 2017, Neuroparticle has developed a small 0.07T low-field magnetic resonance device and nanoparticle carrier. Small MRI equipment can be used to image the structure of the ear while observing bones and soft tissues. Nanoparticle carriers can enter the brain through the nasal cavity and carry drugs, providing non-invasive treatment of brain tumors and neurological diseases. When the particles do not carry drugs, they can be delivered by magnetic resonance equipment for thermal therapy to heat lesions and treat cancer.

Company Highlights:

  • Innovative technology fills the technical gap of existing imaging technology’s inability to clearly image bone and soft tissue at the same time.
  • It is safer and lower risk than traditional craniotomy to treat tumors.
  • A robust patent portfolio, including strategic permanent power consumption IP that can lower instrument COGS for price advantage.

Status: Investment in progress (due diligence ongoing)

OnsiteGene (San Diego, CA)

Founded in 2017, OnsiteGene has developed a rapid nucleic acid diagnostics device. Fluorescence quantitative PCR (RT-PCR) technology is the most commonly used method for clinical nucleic acid detection. OnsiteGene’s XDive™ ultra-fast real-time qPCR system is different from traditional PCR systems. It uses patented thermal cycling technology and AI to achieve ultra-fast heating and cooling for the desired target in PCR High precision at temperature. Integrating ultra-fast thermal cycling, ultra-fast fluorescence imaging and medium-throughput design, XDives can complete 40 cycles of multiple qPCR in only 5-7 minutes, thereby realizing rapid nucleic acid detection.

Company Highlights:

  • The first AI-enhanced nucleic acid detection and analysis technology in the US.
  • Unique nucleic acid analysis technology reduces the waiting time for test results to less than 10 minutes.
  • The complete product line includes customized high-throughput models.
  • A robust patent portfolio has been developed.

Status: investment in progress (due diligence ongoing)